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Getting right into it, this link will here will open up a new tab with a fancy-faced, comprehensive pdf for your viewing pleasures. Some brands you’ll recognize are McDonald’s, Crate&Barrel, and REI, amongst others.

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Canyons & Communities

Canyons & Communities is a multimedia essay focused on the exploration of community, adventure, and discovery. Undertaken in January of 2018, while biking the Arizona Trail, I led creative planning, content capture, writing, identity design, and art direction.

Read the essay here:

For a full project breakdown, click on over to:  



web banners.


Airbnb does an amazing job of opening the world up to the experience within the experience. No longer are the road-weary subject to sterile, cookie-cutter accommodations or gaudy reincarnations of a bygone era. No, now you can - if only ever so briefly - glimpse a new reality; another person's authentic existence. This is the experience within the experience of travel today, and it's the basis for the exploratory banner executions you see here. With an understanding and use of cognitive dissonance the subject is adjacent to the imagery, yet slightly removed, resulting in a level of interest and subtle play that invites further examination and improved subsequent recall. 

* concept, copy, banner designs, photography (all shot in a charming summer cabin in Maine) by Mattj.    



Arizona Office of Tourism

I recently spent half a month riding my bike across the state of Arizona. Let me tell you, every landscape, every sunrise, every sunset, each and every corner is wild and beautiful, but never in the same way twice. This exploratory Out Of Home campaign exemplifies that sentiment: beauty is never ubiquitous.

* concept, copy, OOH design, photography, all by Mattj.